You Can Do It project
Candidate name: Aleksandra Niklewicz
Candidate number: 9117                                               
Center number: 10160 
The DIDA 'you can do it' project scenario is overall to promote the Olympics and the Olympic values to students ages 11-16. The project has a series of interactive challenges and reports that students can use to make small steps for life to overall have a healthier life style. The Olympic values will also allow the students to feel like they are part of the Olympics as well, for example they can take part in a challenge with friends which promotes the value of friendship.

Over all the project will encourage and promote students to make small steps for life to have a healthier way of living and be prepared for the exciting event in summer of 2012 of the Olympics.

In each of the side headings you will find the work that I have done and the evidence for it, this includes:
  •  A food database
  • A questionnaire for students
  • Spreadsheet of data from the questionnaire results
  • Database reports
  • A meal card
  • An information point
  • And a challenge card

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