You can do it
You can do it 

Name: Emma Fegan
Center Name: Sacred Hear Hammersmith
Candidate Number: 90160
Center Number: 9060

The project ‘Small Steps 4 Life’ centers on the emotional and physical preparation for the coming of the 2012 Olympics to London. Devised in order to promote a healthy lifestyle the project offered several different ways in which a person could develop and begin to lead a more healthy life. In order for it to be a successful It was necessary to gain a personal understand of the audience we were targeting, so meant we had to devise ways of finding out the habits, routines and food preferences of young people in London.  Designed to promote healthy eating, feeling good inside and getting active, it provided guidance and information to help the person on their journey to achieving the benefits of all three. It has also become inspired by the Olympics, seeing it as a brilliant time and opportunity to feel good, get active and eat healthily. Olympic Values were seen as an ideal way to ‘develop a set of universal principles – or Values – that could be applied to education and to society as a whole, as well as to sport itself’. ‘As part of the project the student would be encouraged to achieve one of these values.

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