You Can Do It  
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Welcome to my E-portfolio
The purpose of this project was to get people to have a healthier lifestyle through the promotion of the Olympic values. have been working with websites such as Small steps 4 life which have been promoting the Olympic values. Throughout my work I have included the themes; Eat well, Get active and Feel good. In my publications I have tried to show these themes and get portray the Olympic values supported by the website small steps 4 life, I have included challenges that everyone can take to have a healthier lifestyle inspired by the Olympic values as well as research such as reports and surveys.
Small steps for life is all about the promotions of getting active and becoming a healthier country altogether, it provides challenges for schools, friends or individuals; it also shows you important things such as portion sizes and healthy facts and tips. They have partnered with the Olympics and is now promoting the Olympic values such as; respect, excellence and friendship.