Candidate Name: Pascale Blower
Candidate Number:  9168
Center name: Sacred Heart High School
Center number: 10160
SPB: You Can Do It. Level 2
This is a coursework project, my aims are to create publications for a where I have promoted a 'you can do it' attitude. I not only have to make the project encouraging for people to get involved, there must be my steps along the way and showing how and why I did each section. In my project I was working on trying to show the values and ideas that are shown in the smallsteps4life program and also promoting the Olympic values, after research of these two organisations i found out they were all about improving lifestyle by trying to get the students focusing on: being active, eating healthily and feeling good.

I will try to show how I got go my final draft with my progression of ideas being recorded throughout. My project must still follow the details of the brief we were given at the beginning of the project and the grader must be able to see my drafts and how I progressed throughout the project. The final section of the project is the e-portfolio this is a link to all my work it contains everything about my project from the project management and to how I though the project was going to go, all the way to the review were I am commenting on how I think I worked during the project and what I thought was good.

* disclaimer, I recognise I have some secondary images. I know that if this were a real life project then I would have to have got permission from the owner of the pictures and that if I didn't then I could not use the images in the project.