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Candidate Name: Anuna Calvin

Candidate Number: 9521

School: Sacred Heart High School

Centre number: 10160

Start date: 10/09/2012

End date: 01/05/2013

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In this project, our tasks were based around the charity called the WildCare Trust. This is a charity that works to protect endangered animals around the world. Their source of income is membership fees, adoption fees and donations. The WildCare Trust team also work to inform other people and visit schools, educating children and teenagers on the different threats to endangered species and how human activities impact them. This is done through providing their members with membership packs that include additional information about endangered animals and the adoption scheme, as well as access to a database that will help them in choosing an animal that they would like to adopt. Our task in this project was to complete a set of publications for the membership pack, as well as building a database to help us when finding information for these. We also had to create a spreadsheet showing the cash flow for the next year and decide on appropriate membership fees for the different membership types; as well as creating a presentation with notes for staff from the WildCare Trust to use when visiting schools to promote the WildCare Trust.
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