D201 – WildCare, Level 2
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Beatrix Warren
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Sacred Heart High School
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The WildCare Trust is a charity that works to protect threatened species, depending on its members for economic funding. The charity offers three forms of membership: Platinum, Gold and Silver; and aspires to open two new options for the next year: WildCare Teens and kids.
During this project I had to produce a variety of publications promoting The WildCare Trust and notifying the target audience of what work the charity does.
I created a database of endangered species which provided information for the content in the publications I made later on.
Having researched membership fees I made a spreadsheet to enable me to calculate the most efficient membership fees for each type of WildCare membership.
I produced a Membership Pack – designed to be sent to new WildCare members and I created a three sample database reports, a membership card and a leaflet to be sent inside it.
Finally, I had to create a Presentation to promote the WildCare trust, to be shone at schools informing pupils about the work of the charity.
The publications I created are displayed below with links to their corresponding pages.