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Centre Number: 10160

Centre Name: Sacred Heart High School

Candidate Name: Elena Rybka

Canididate Number: 9632

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Welcome to my e-portfolio for the Dida Level 2 WildCare Project.

The WildCare Trust is a charity that protects endangered animals, doing so through the aid of donations and members.

This is a showcase of my work for this project, and it includes the following sections: project managment, database, membership fees, publications, presentation, e-portfolio and review.

I created a spreadsheet which I used to calculate the price of the membership fees for the charity for the upcoming year, I created a database to store information about the endangered animals that could be adopted by members of the charity. I then used my findings from both of these parts in the publications and presentation which I created later on in the project.

In the main part of the proeject, I created a set of four publications for this project: three sample reports, a membership card, a leaflet and a pack folder, which each promoted the work of the WildCare Trust and were suited to a target audience of children and teenagers. The presentation promotes further the work of the WildCare Trust and will be shown in schools in the UK. I evaluated my work on them and in the entire project in the review.