Name: Emily Emad Amin Bassaly
Candidate Number: 9509
Centre Name: Sacred Heart High School
Centre Number: 10160

WildCare, Level 2
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This project was based around the WildCare Trust, which is a charity that aims to protect and conserve endangered species. Its main source of income is from membership fees, animal adoptions and donations. The trust also aims to inform people  and educate children and teenagers about the human impact on animals and the different threats that they face. Teen members receive membership packs which include a leaflet about adoption, as well as a membership card and three reports with examples of the animals protected by the trust. They also receive access to a database containing all the protected animals, any of which they can adopt. Our project was to make a set of publications for the Teen membership pack, as well as building a database containing the animal information. We also had to create a presentation for use in schools with speaker notes for the WildCare representative giving the presentation and a spreadsheet outlining the cash flow for the year and decide on new membership fees for two membership types.

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