Name: Louisa O'Hare
Candidate Number: 9620
Centre Name: Sacred Heart High School
Centre Number: 10160
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The WildCare Trust is a charity that aims to help animals which are endangered or are at risk. For this project I had to create publications for the WildCare Teens Membership option which they were introducing. In this e-portfolio is the work I have done for this project to produce the final publications. Each page of the e-portfolio displays a different section of the project.  The publication page, leads to two separate pages, one for the membership pack and one for the presentation. The membership pack would be sent to Teens when they bought a membership, while the presentation was to promote the WildCare Trust in schools, and to introduce the new membership option to the 'teens' and 'kids'. From this page you can go straight to the publications page by clicking on the image or use the side bar to navigate through the e-portfolio.