Wildcare D201 Eportfolio 
Name: Molly Atkinson (Eleanor)
Candidate Number: 9502
Center Name: Sacred Heart High School
Center Number: 10160

Wildcare, Level 2
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Wildcare are a wildlife charity who were looking to re-brand themselves and alter their business model in order to become a more effective charity.  For my coursework this year, I had to organize my time in order to create the charity a database to showcase the animals that they had on offer. I also had to create a cash flow spreadsheet for the charity in order to make them break even or turn a small profit so that they will be running an effective business model and also to allow the charity to remain financially stable.  The main aim of the coursework was to produce a pack folder for teenagers who subscribe to the teen membership the the charity had to offer.  This had to include three sample reports that were taken from the database I created, a membership card for the teen to fill in their details and keep, a leaflet detailing the various adoption options that the charity offer and finally the pack folder itself.  While creating these publications I had to keep in mind my target audience, teenagers, in order to insure that the publications were effective and that I kept a solid corporate identity throughout.