Name: Natalia Watrobska
Candidate number: 9656
Centre name: Sacred Heart High School
Centre number: 10160
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Welcome to my DiDA level 2 e-portfolio. Here you will find all of my publications as well as other work I completed throughout the course of the project. The project was based around a charity called the WildCare Trust, which aimed to raise awareness about and to protect endangered species, as well as to promote the adoption of these animals. We had to develop a spreadsheet to show the annual income and outgoings of the charity as well as introducing new membership fees for the WildCare Kids and WildCare Teens membership options. We also had to build a database of endangered animals available for adoption. The publications we had to produce included a membership pack, including a leaflet, membership card and sample reports and also a presentation to be shown at local schools. The final publications can be viewed below.