WildCare Website 

Candidate Name: Ellenor Mairead Breslin
Candidate Number: 9514
Centre Name: Sacred Heart High School
Centre Number: 10160
SPB: WildCare Level 2
Resolution: 1280 x 1024

   WildCare is a charity that works to protect endangered animals throughout the world. Using a database of endangered animals that are located everywhere in the world. I have created an adoption scheme for Teens getting involved with the WildCare Trust Charity consists of a membership pack which includes:

  • A Membership Card
  • Sample Reports
  • Leaflet
  • Pack Folder
  • And the opportunity to pay a monthly adoption fee for any endangered
    species of their choice, considering it is included in our database.

        The charity recognises the major threats animals face in the wild and its aims are to prevent these animals dying out, which is why this charity was set up in 2005. During the project I created          different publications, which formed a final membership pack folder that people will receive and has a membership card, adoption form, leaflet and sample reports. It also included information on endangered species. I also created a cash flow forecast to decide suitable monthly membership fees, which would result in an annual profit for the charity and stop them from spending more than they received and keep them in SURPLUS. Below are my Publications, Database, Project Management, Evidence and Membership Fees.

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Publications!                                      Database!                        Membership Fees!                Project Management!