Leaflet Final PDF.pdf
Membership Cards.pdf
Pack Folder Final Changes PDF.pdf
WildCare Trust Presentation.pptx
Mammals In Africa FINAL PDF.pdf
Reptile_Amphibian less than £30 FINAL PDF.pdf
South America Animals FINAL PDF.pdf
Welcome to My Publications Page!

My publications include my 3 reports, the membership card, leaflet, pack folder and presentation.

1) The leaflet is a booklet of information which talks about WildCare itself, becoming a member, what the adoption scheme is, how to adopt, information on specific endangered species and lastly an activity page to engage younger children to join the WildCare.

2) The membership Card is a card in which shows that someone officially belongs to the WildCare Trust. The membership includes the details of WildCare, the name of the membership and the renewal date.

3) The 3 reports are reports in which show the 3 endangered species and they identify the species specifically for example -  Animals in South Africa which are under £30.

4) The pack folder is a folder which consolidates all of the publications. The pack folder is sent to memberships of WildCare, this will include the leaflets, the reports etc.

5) The presentation is a presentation which is clear overview of what the WildCare is and how it works.