Name: Georgia Gregory
Candidate Number: 9559
Centre Name: Sacred Heart High School
Centre Number: 10160
WildCare Level 2

Welcome to my E-Porfolio of my WildCare work.

Wildcare is a charity that works to help protect endangered animals. From a database of endangered species, you are able to create an adoptions scheme for Teens getting involved with the WildCare Trust. The adoption scheme includes a membership pack and the opportunity to pay monthly fees for the endangered animal which they have chosen to adopt. The charity, identifies the threats which animal face and WildCare aims to protect the animals from dying out.

 My E-Porfolio consists of a membership pack folder. The pack folder included a membership card which shoes that the person is part of helping the WildCare trust. I created a cash flow forecast to show the most suitable monthly membership fees which showed whether the charity gained an annual profit or not.