Wild Care Trust. 

Candidate Name: Kerri-Louise O'Brien
Candidate Number: 9617
Centre Name: Sacred Heart High School
Centre Number: 10160
D201 DIDA WildCare Level 2
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Throughout this year I have been working on The WildCare Trust Edexcel Level 2 Qualification. The WildCare Trust was a conservation charity set up in 2005 with an aim of saving the hundreds of thousands of animals at threat of extinction. The scenario Edexcel specified was to help raise awareness of the WildCare Trust by creating various publications to promote the charity and help set up information in order for the charity, finically supported by its members, to prosper and breakeven. This is an e-portfolio to showcase all of my work that I have designed and completed during the course of this IT project. The main briefs included building and designing a database of endangered species that members would be able to download and decide on which animal/s they may like to adopt, develop a membership fees spreadsheet and create the best combination of membership fees that would allow the conservation charity to breakeven without overcharging it's members, design a pack folder for teenage members which included a leaflet to give more information about endangered animals and an adoption form that new members could use to adopt an animal/s, 3 sample database reports to give members a small snapshot of what information they can retrieve by searching the database and a membership card. The final main specification was to design a presentation that would be used by WildCare Trust staff at local events in schools to help promote the charity.