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D201 WildCare Level 2


Candidate Name: Natalie Dev

Candidate Number: 9536

Center Name: Sacred Heart High School

Center Number: 10160

This is my Edexcel Level 2 Dida project, in which my aim is to promote the WildCare trust charity.

During the project I needed to create a database of endangered species, I was also able to create sample reports as well as queries on animals in the database. I used spreadsheets to select on future membership fees for the coming years. I also produced a Teen WildCare Membership Pack, (Which included sample reports, membership card and information leaflets on WildCare.) Which was grouped together in a pack folder. I then produced an presentation, that will be promoting Wildcare trust in schools. WildCare was set up in 2005 which it's main aim was to save endangered animals regardless of the species; they want to preserve animals so that future generations can enjoy wildlife. It mainly relays on charity support and financial help from it's members. This is the only way that WildCare can continue to help endangered animals and look out for them for future generations.


This E-Portfolio Contains:-

~ Database ~ Spreadsheets ~ Publications ~ Project Management ~